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Bathroom Remodel

Are you planning a bathroom remodel project? The first thing you need to do when planning a bathroom remodel is to establish a budget. You can get the best out of your bathroom renovations without spending more than what you can afford.

What amount should you spend to remodel your bathroom? It’s up to you. Remodeling Magazine reports that bathroom remodels of mid-range quality in Lansing, Michigan costs just over $22,000. The cost of an upscale remodel in the same region is closer to $70,000.

Let’s look at how much you should budget to remodel your bathroom.

Budgeting For Labor Expenses

Before you start designing your dream bathroom, it is important to determine who will make it possible. Do you want to hire contractors or do it yourself (DIY)?

Bathrooms can be difficult to remodel by yourself. Bathrooms are more difficult than other rooms. For example, plumbing and electrical work require special training. A professional skill set is also beneficial for flooring and cabinetry.

You can determine if professional help is required or if it can be done yourself by assessing the scope of your project. You can probably do it yourself if you are just updating a few fixtures or adding some color with a fresh coat of paint. If you need to replace cabinets or countertops, a remodeling contractor is probably the best choice.

The Right Materials

A small budget for materials can quickly turn into an extravagant expense. It is natural to desire the finest tile, best sink, and the most beautiful bathtub.

However, most people have a limited budget. It’s crucial to decide what you want to put your money into and what you can afford.

Granite and quartz are two options available for bathroom countertops that are high-quality and affordable. It may be that the luxuries you thought were expensive, such as custom cabinets can actually prove to be more cost-effective than their store-bought counterparts.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the right materials to remodel your bathroom. It is important to invest in quality and prioritize your priorities.


Unexpected costs are not something anyone likes, but they are almost always inevitable. A contractor might remove your old vanity and find that the flooring underneath is not adequate. Then, your new vanity won’t cover the area. You may experience unexpected delays. Maybe the tile you ordered is back-ordered or delivery of your new sink takes an extra week.

Although contractors cannot predict the unexpected, they can communicate with it clearly. A good contractor for remodeling should be able to communicate an updated budget or timeline as soon as possible if there are delays or unexpected costs.

Working with custom cabinetmakers is a great way to ensure you get exactly what you want. Our clients work closely with us so that they receive the cabinets they desire as quickly as possible.

This article was written by Jordan Legault, Jordan is the owner of The French Refinery. Founded in 2015, The French Refinery quickly built a name and reputation for high-end cabinetry with quality craftsmanship and attention to fine detail. We strive every day to provide the utmost in customer service because our customers deserve the best we can provide. We have built a hand-picked team of talented craftsmen with over 100 years of combined experience. Building Bathroom Vanities In Tampa FL is our craft, we love what we do, and we make it show through in the work we provide on a daily basis.

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