A New Look and Feel for LinkedIn

Since our last major design nearly 5 years agone, LinkedIn has evolved from an area to form your skilled profile on-line and hunt for others, to a full of life community of over 700M professionals worldwide. nowadays we’re seeing members sharing in record numbers, causing many several messages each week, reskilling themselves by intense over a meg hours of LinkedIn Learning content weekly, and last year alone nearly 5 billion connections were created across the platform. and each day on LinkedIn, despite the powerful economy, three individuals ar employed each minute through the community.
All of you that share, inspire, help, and rent day after day, ar what form up LinkedIn. whether or not you connect with colleagues, customers, mentors, former or current manager, trade influencers, or job seekers — community is that the heart of LinkedIn.
And today, I couldn’t be a lot of excited to announce we’re redesigning LinkedIn to form your LinkedIn expertise simple, inclusive, enjoyable, and most significantly to place the community front and center.

This new LinkedIn expertise is hotter and embodies our numerous, inclusive and sure community. it’s additionally less complicated, a lot of trendy, and a lot of intuitive, leaving easier navigation and discovery. A new, efficient search expertise can create it abundant easier to surface the individuals, events, teams and content you would like, whereas serving to you reach on the far side your immediate network — once there’s price in doing therefore. and that we still grade inclusion and accessibility as core style principles, as well as a dark mode coming back before long. We’ve additionally additional new illustrations that showcase individuals with completely different skills, numerous backgrounds and ethnicities, and a good vary of jobs and industries. we would like everybody to be ready to see themselves and feel welcome.

We’ve additionally began to revamp not simply the LinkedIn expertise, however however members notice chance. for thus long, individuals were told to stay it quiet if they were trying to find work. however we all know from our information and our conversations with customers that recruiters need to understand World Health Organization is on the market, communities need to understand World Health Organization to support and members need jobs. therefore we have a tendency to launched “Open to figure,” an easy LinkedIn profile ikon frame that says simply that: you’re trying to find your next chance. Nearly 2.5 million members have adopted the frame, from airline pilots to information analysts. Early results show members with the hospitable Work ikon frame ar receiving four-hundredth a lot of Inmails from recruiters and 2 hundredth a lot of messages from the LinkedIn community.
Our vision of making an attractive, supportive, diverse, and respectful community is coming back to life and thriving. And our website design comes at a vital tipping purpose, as we have a tendency to see record numbers of members turning to the platform to share their stories, get support, and facilitate others.
Based on that require to attach, we’ve additionally additional a a lot of human method of sharing by introducing Stories. No, Stories aren’t new within the trade, however we have a tendency to took the time to know however this format fits within the skilled context that defines everything we have a tendency to do and what happens on LinkedIn. Through tests in numerous regions round the world, we’ve seen members adopt this format to attach a lot of in person and fewer formally with their peers and friends. within the COVID world, LinkedIn Stories ar property individuals replace those essential device moments.

And for those moments once a face-to-face meeting is that the best thanks to get things done, we’re serving to there, too. Now, with one click, you’ll be able to begin a video decision over groups, BlueJeans by Verizon, or Zoom directly from a message thread.

What you are doing here is {important|is crucial} for you to attain your goals and that’s why this design is therefore important to us: we would like to stay creating Linkedin easier for you to share, work with and facilitate your skilled community. We’re beginning to|getting down to} roll this design out to our members globally nowadays and it’ll be offered to everybody within the coming back weeks.
LinkedIn is not any longer simply an area to only notice individuals. It’s an area of private and skilled growth, an area of business growth, an area of economic process, and an area that produces a distinction in skilled lives. It’s a community wherever you’ll be able to be galvanized, build relationships and see sudden opportunities. whether or not we’re navigating a COVID worsening or post-COVID recovery, addressing associate degree existing skills gap or a coming back skills revolution, breaking general barriers to civil rights, or grappling no matter else defines add the long run, we’re absolutely committed to continued to produce the tools and experiences that may let each skilled connect with the correct opportunities for them.
Each of you — our members — create LinkedIn what it’s nowadays. many thanks for being the guts of this community.

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