Tips for painting a small living space

A small room can be more comfortable and feel bigger if your design involves nature, mirrors, vertical stripes, and a balance between light and colour. Read on for professional tips on how to bring life to that small living space.

Ideas For Painting And Decorating A Small Living Space

Many people dream of living in a big house with large rooms, but most people do not need that much space and can be comfortable in a home with smaller space. With the right design, even a small house can look bigger, giving you the fulfilment of living in a large space.

If you live in a small space that can accommodate you and your belonging, you don’t have to make the space feel more confining. Your painting and decoration matter if you want to give an illusion of a less confining space.

If you want to paint or decorate a small space, these professional tips will help make your space feel larger and enhance comfort.

Embrace nature

You can’t go wrong with bringing nature into your decoration for a small space. The idea relies on mirroring things you find outside the home, inside. This gives a natural flow from outside into your house.

Placing some small to large plants in your space is an easy and common way to embrace nature. When decorating a small space. This trend has become more popular in recent years due to plants’ calming effect in a home.

Consider using natural-toned colours, like deep green, red or yellow, to even out your home theme.

Use mirrors to create illusions

When you place a mirror close to a window, it gives the impression. That the window extends further into the room, making it feel bigger. Mirrors are also excellent at reflecting light, which is particularly useful in darker rooms.

With one or more mirrors in your room, light can be projected around the space, giving an illusion of more space.

Create symmetry for calm and balance

Symmetry in a room helps in optimising the space. A symmetrical room is usually more calming and makes the object in the space, like furniture look more organised. To create symmetry in your space, create a focal point in the middle of the room. A plant, coffee table, or piece of art can serve this purpose.

The next step is planning the surrounding furniture diagonally or parallel to one another. Avoid putting many objects on one side of the room to achieve a balanced look.

Opt for vertical stripes

Professional painters and decorators from a painting and decorating company prefer vertical strips for small spaces because they make the space appear taller and thinner. Painting your walls with strips of two or more colours will make the ceiling. In the room appear higher, which impacts the size of the room. Using several colours instead of one will increase the depth of the space.

Balance colour and light

The right colour for the space will depend mainly on the lighting. Professional painters and decorators advise against painting darker rooms with darker colours. If you decide to use dark colours, find ways to enhance the lighting in the room to give a lighter feel.

You can add extra lighting fixtures or lamps and then place mirrors around the room to reflect the available light. A simple step like rethinking the light in a small space before decorating can hugely impact how the room feels.

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