Heatstroke is caused due to the overheating of your body. You can also experience heatstroke conditions if you are doing physical exercise or are in exposure to high temperatures. Heat illness of this severity is the most dangerous. Heatstroke can occur if your body temperature is increased to 104 Fahrenheit or more. Heatstroke is at a high level and many people suffer from it a lot. Emergency first aid treatment is required for heatstroke treatment. If heatstroke is not treated for a long time, it can cause damage to your heart muscles, kidney, and brain.


A heatstroke is a serious form of illness that is caused due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Your body temperature control system can lose its functionality due to heatstroke. It is mainly due to dehydration in your body. It is considered a core body temperature which is risen above 104 Fahrenheit. This can lead to serious complications in your central nervous system. Following you will get the complete details of the heatstroke symptoms, causes, and treatment.

Heatstroke Signs and Symptoms:

There are many heatstroke symptoms. Following are the complete details of the signs and symptoms associated with heatstroke:
Elevated body temperature
Altered mental behavior
• Sweating alteration
Nausea or vomiting
• Burned skin
• Headache
• Lack of sweating
• Rapid heartbeat
• Irritation
• Unconsciousness

Heatstroke Causes:

There are many causes associated with heat illness like heat stroke. Following are the heatstroke causes that are experienced in summer.

High-Temperature Exposure:

If you are continuous exposure to a hot environment, then you are at the risk of developing heat stroke. It mainly affects older adults. People with chronic illnesses are also at risk of heatstroke disease. It is caused due to the increase in your body temperature. This increase can be caused due to prolonged exposure to the heat environment. It can also be caused due to any physical exertion.

Having excess clothing:

If you are wearing excess clothes mostly in summertime, then it is one of the main heatstroke causes. It stops sweat from evaporating. If your sweat is not evaporated then it will cause a high degree of heatstroke.

Alcohol Consumption:

By drinking alcohol you will be losing your body’s ability to regulate the temperature. Your body temperature regulation will be disturbed and you will not be able to function properly. It is also the main cause of heatstroke illness.


Dehydration is one of the primary causes and heatstroke risk factors. Your body fluids will be lost and your body will be unable to perform correctly. This is because an adequate amount of water is needed by the human body to work properly.

Heatstroke Prevention Guide:

Heatstroke is a preventable illness. You can take different measures to prevent heatstroke during hot summer days. Following are the heatstroke prevention details:
• Where light fabric clothes
• Get yourself protected from the sunburn
Place the person under the shady areas and protect yourself indoors
•] Take an umbrella, sunglasses, and hat in the sunny environment
Apply sunscreen to remain safe from hot sun rays
• Try to consume plenty of water and other alcohol-free beverages

Heatstroke Treatment:

Following is the complete first aid treatment for heatstroke:

• If you experience any person having heatstroke, then take that victim under any shady area and apply cool water to the skin.
• Have the person drink cold water if he can ingest anything. Water or cool beverages help in maintaining your body temperature. The beverages must be free from alcohol or caffeine.
• Monitor the body temperature of the person suffering from heatstroke. Continue the efforts of cooling his body and reducing his body temperature.
• If the condition becomes worse, then notify the emergency services immediately.

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