Details of the six cleaning stages in commercial cleaning

The commercial office cleaning San Diego is a top service provider. This place caters to the varying cleaning needs of the commercial properties. The business cleaning company ensures that every working individual gets a safe and hygienic work environment.

Within an office there are several essential elements that require daily maintenance. Be it furniture, door handles, flooring or the washroom, regular cleaning and sanitization is a must. Clearly, one should look for professional cleaning companies who can give you the best cleaning results.

Post the three waves of Covid-19 pandemic, the office cleaning San Diego is a necessary cost for any business. The cleaning processes capable of performing in-house are also finding replacement with the professional cleaning. Obviously the reason behind this shift is the efficiency with which commercial cleaning services work.

The one cleaning service in which professional cleaning companies excel is the janitorial services San Diego. It goes without saying that maintenance of a clean and hygienic bathroom is the duty of every employer. Additionally at a place where a number of employees are using the washrooms, it is not feasible to opt for in-house janitorial services.

Janitorial services and its six stages:

Having cleaning staff sitting in the washrooms will not ensure that your employees get access to a clean washing area. Mere appointment of cleaning staff is not your duty as an employer. In reality, to provide the most clean and hygienic workplace to employees, you need to follow the six stages of cleaning. Following are the six stages of cleaning when it comes to janitorial cleaning services:
Pre clean – For a deeply clean bathroom, just abruptly beginning with brooming and mopping is not the right way. You need to start with the pre-cleaning stage. During pre-cleaning, wiping out all the loose debris and dirt is the main focus. The professionals ensure that all the loose debris and dirt is removed with the help of disposable towels. One can also opt for basic sweeping and rinsing to get rid of the loose debris. The removal of debris will ensure that your bathroom is ready for the next cleaning stage. By choosing the professional janitorial service, you can be sure that this pre-cleaning stage will be executed professionals.

● Main clean –

Post the pre-cleaning stage, one has to begin with the main cleaning activity. This is the stage where cleaning staff works into the deep corners to ensure that no dirt or debris is present in the whole area. For the main cleaning activity the essentials are detergents and hot water. The combination of both creates a form that loosens the sticky dust and dirt. As per the stubbornness of the debris this solution of water and detergent is kept for sometime. Then the removal of the solution is either with water, sponge or wiping out.
Rinse – Once the main cleaning solution stays for a while, it becomes easier to rinse out the dirt. Rinsing is an essential stage that will give the look of a new bathroom. For rinsing either hot water or pressure water is the best way. This helps in complete removal of sticky particles and dust.
Disinfection – After the removal of dust, the vital stage is disinfection. It is important to sanitize and disinfect the bathroom area. This place sees a number of visitors within a day, hence complete sanitization is the only way to prevent spread of infection. Professional cleaning companies use the best sanitizing solutions making your washrooms safe for use.
● Final rinse – Then for a neat look there is the stage of final rinsing. In this stage the professionals perform rinsing to get rid of the extra sanitizers that are present on the washroom surfaces.


Lastly, comes the drying stage. Once the drying stage is complete, it makes your washroom ready for use. In this stage the professional cleaning staff uses a dry cloth to absorb the drops of sanitizer and water left in any corner. This is an essential stage because it ensures that no further dirt steps form when someone uses the washroom.

The above six stages are not limited to janitorial services only. For other cleaning activities as well, we follow the same stages with minor changes. The key point of change between various cleaning services lies in the equipment and cleaning solutions.

Complete knowledge about the most suitable cleaning material and processes for different cleaning activities is available only with professional cleaning companies. Their knowledge is the asset with which they serve a number of commercial property owners. It goes without saying that the cleaning service provider with more years of experience will be more suitable for your cleaning needs.

Bottom line:

There are certain services whose outsourcing makes sure that you get the best results. Commercial cleaning is one such service which requires a professional sense. Usually hiring a commercial cleaning company leaves with no worries regarding the cleaning materials, staff, processes and all the other cleaning elements. So there is no point of worrying about providing a clean work environment to your employees after the end of work from home phase. All you have to do is contact the commercial cleaning company San Diego as your solution.

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