Commercial Glass Types For Shopfront Glazing

Several different shopfront glazing is carried out by our glaziers. Many clients choose different types of glass to achieve shopfront aesthetics. It all depends on what the shop is selling. While some shop owners may go for the regular glass types, others may choose customised glazing to promote their business culture.

Currently, our shopfronts don’t go without glass. And should you be considering A-Grade glazing for shopfronts in London, you will get the best of the best from Commercial Glaziers London. With just a phone call, you can get one of the highest quality, toughened glasses to give your shopfront a classy look. We have a glazing collection for shopfronts that attracts customers to come by your shop. From regular to bespoke glazing in many beautiful shades and colours, you can get what your shopfront needs. As a matter of fact, we solve every problem of “I don’t know what type of shopfront glazing to fit”. This is why you should choose us for glass shopfronts in London.

Types of shopfront glasses we offer

It is possible to transform the appearance of your shopfront with any of the stunning glazings we offer. Basically, shopfront glazing aims to add a touch of elegance to your shop entrance and avoid the old-fashioned style of shop entry points. This is achievable with any of the following:

  • Tinted glass: Suppose you like to control the amount of sunlight in your shop to maintain its in-house temperature. In that case, this energy-efficient option is for you. Tinted commercial glass provides shade by reducing heat absorption. It also offers privacy if that’s one of your requirements, and on top of that, security. With the tinted option, your building can be well protected as it is difficult to see through anti-sun glass. Even shop procedures that should be discreet can be shielded from outsiders with tinted glass.

The low maintenance cost is another bonus of using tinted glass as it is straightforward to clean. This glass is resistant to scratch and water. We have them in different sizes and/or can design them according to your commercial glass replacement needs.

Transparent glass

  • It comes with an element of class and is very good for window shopping. Yes, as passers-by move along, they can peek at your shop, see what you’re offering and come in for a buy. Transparent glass works very well for retail businesses. It allows sufficient light into the store and makes prominent what and who is inside the store. Transparent glass in a shop frontage will give the shop openness make it appear lively and inviting. A commercial glazing expert can give you more information about how you can have this glass option fitted in your shopfront. Should you be operating a store that sells children toys, clothes, or even cosmetics, you can hold down a good number of customers with this choice of shopfront glazing.
  • Frosted glass: You may prefer this option should you love the privacy and the heat from the sun at the same time. Designed to have a fuzzy appearance, frosted glass offers the sun’s energy while ensuring you are not exposed. Because frosted glass can make objects and people behind it blur and vague, most application of this glass type is in gym bathrooms, spas, doctors’ offices and other commercial spaces where natural daylight and privacy are top requirements. With this option, the shop doesn’t get hot during the summer or cold during winter. And lastly, the frosted glass will keep your store safe as ours come with an additional layer of protection.
  • Safety glass

  • As the name implies, it’s centred around safeguarding your business from possible break-ins. This commercial glass option is so toughened that it can resist breakage from brute force. Even if the glass shards, it won’t disintegrate and can stand against further harm. You will find this glass useful if your business is located in an area known for burglary. Be that as it may, you should speak with commercial glazing professional to know how safety glass can benefityour business and how it can be installed.
  • Stained commercial glass: If you have ever thought of a shopfront that stands apart from others, you got an option – stained commercial glazing. This glass is widely used in church settings, yet it is finding use in retail settings. Because of its aesthetics, stained glass makes your store frontage look busy. An ideal choice of glass for bars, restaurants and pubs. They are available in a plethora of great looking colours and patterns to give that irresistible appeal to potential customers each time they pass by.

Bottom line

Now that you know some of the options you can choose for your shopfront glazing, you may want to place an order. Kindly get your glass from Commercial Glaziers London. We are your sure plug when quality shop frontage glazing matters from product to service. Here, we design, fit and maintain commercial glazing for all our customers. You won’t be making the wrong choice if you choose us as your commercial glazing contractors. With us, it is peace of mind and satisfaction all the way. We can install or replace your glazing to make your shopfront incredibly attractive today.

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