These Roofing Problems Are A Common Problem For Homeowners

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One thing that all homeowners have experienced is a problem with their roofs. Cracks, leaks, repairs, and replacements are all possible due to weather conditions, wear, and natural disasters. These are some common roof issues that you might want to be aware of.


This is the most common problem with roofing homeowners. Cracked flashing, damaged shingles, tiles, slate or broken shingles could all be the cause. You should call a professional roofing inspector if you see any signs of a leak, such as discolored or water damaged ceilings.


Roof damage can happen over time, whether it is from a woodpecker digging holes in the roof eaves or contractors walking on top of the shingles. If not addressed, these holes can become larger or cause more damage. This could happen if water gets in. Water can then affect the wood underneath and cause it to rot.


When roofing materials shrink, this can cause roof deterioration, cracking and/or pull apart crucial parts like flashing. This is most common for flat roofs and roofs made of synthetic rubber membranes.

Gutter Clogged

Clearing out gutters is a simple solution to this roofing problem. Gutters can become clogged by leaves, rainwater and twigs. Clearing your gutters is a smart idea. If they get clogged, water can seep into your eaves and cause internal rotting.

Falling Granules

Shingles have particles that can absorb UV rays, but they can become loose over time. Your rough will become an eyesore with a bald spot, which can lead to more problems for the internal structure. If your roof is discolored, you can tell if the granules have fallen off.


Although it may appear that your roof is static and inert, the truth is that it is constantly changing. Weather conditions can cause shingles to shift, expand and sometimes even dislodge. These small changes can cause roof warping by leading to splitting.

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