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Cookbook Display

Stylish Cookbook Display and Storage Ideas, Although many households rely on digital solutions to store recipes, some still rely on old, old-fashioned cookbooks. Cookbooks can be heirlooms, include some tried-and-true gems, or add to kitchen décor.

Take a look at these cookbook storage ideas to help add style and function to your kitchen, whether you have two cookbooks or 20.

2. Line Them Up Against a Stunning Backsplash

Storing cookbooks on the countertop is ideal for books you use often because they are easily accessible. A simple option is to lean the books against the back. You can use decorative bowls or other items already placed on the counter to serve as bookends so they are not at risk of tipping over.

2. Keep Cookbooks on a Built-In Beverage Station

This cookbook display idea requires a little more planning if you don’t already have one, but if you have the space, it’s worth the investment. To replicate this look with existing built-ins, color-coordinate your cookbooks or place them on alternating sides of the shelves.

3. Add Built-In Shelves to Your Kitchen Island

If you have more than 10 cookbooks and a spacious enough kitchen, going to an island that already has (or can add) shelter is a great option. Consider turning a sideboard into a small kitchen island with open shelving or building a bookshelf that can serve a single purpose – both to house your wide array of cookbooks. to show. are perfect for

4. Add a Cookbook Shelf

Consider this cookbook idea if your small kitchen lacks storage space both on the counter and in the cabinets. Since cookbooks are not required, it makes sense in a small kitchen to keep your display as minimal as possible. Attaching one side of your kitchen island can be a quick and easy way to display your favorites without taking up too much space in other parts of your kitchen.

5. Style Cookbooks on Open Shelving

Open shelves are currently trending in kitchen design, but you should learn how to style them. Cookbooks are exceptionally filling for this purpose. The only downside is that depending on how you arrange the shelves, books can be hard to reach. Place your most-used cookbooks on the bottom shelf and store vertically.

6. Make Use of Smaller Shelving

Sometimes furniture offers plenty of shelving and storage space – but can be unusual in shape and size. If you have a small amount of open shelving, it can be ideal for displaying your favorite recipes, like the kitchen island shown here. Open shelving ensures that cookbooks are a focal point. Make sure you spend some time setting them up, though—otherwise, you run the risk of looking lazy.

7. Keep Cookbooks Organized in the Pantry

If your kitchen has a pantry, see if you can designate a shelf for cookbook storage. Placing them on an eye-level shelf is a great call to ensure your favorite recipes stay within reach. Just about anything can work as a bookend for this idea, so get creative.

8. Opt for Glass Door Cabinets to Display Cookbooks

If you want the look of open shelving, but don’t have the space to cover the cabinets, try cabinet doors with glass panels. Give the inside a fresh coat of paint, and you’ll be able to style your cookbook without spending a ton of money to update the kitchen.

9. Store Cookbooks in a Multi-Tier Basket Stand

There are many baskets and trays on the market that would work perfectly for creating cookbook vignettes on your countertop or around your kitchen. But before you go out and buy something, take a look around your home. If you have a set of storage baskets or even a multi-tiered version like the one shown above, it can easily be repurposed to store cookbooks and mugs in your kitchen that you want easy access to do.

10. Choose One to Display With a Book Holder 

If you have a favorite cookbook that you use all the time, why not make it a focal point? Using a book holder, keep the book open to your favorite recipe and allow it to stand alone without other distractions around it.

11. Utilize the Blank Space Above the Fridge

Space above the fridge is a challenge for most of us, especially if our fridge is not under a kitchen cabinet. Sometimes the best option is to just stack some books on top of the fridge! Try stacking them horizontally so their names are easy to see but still provide a place to set the items you usually want to display on the fridge.

12. Add a Corner Shelf to Display Cookbooks and Decor

Corner shelves are an ideal solution for adding extra space to bare corners that are difficult to decorate. Installing a corner shelf can serve as a great option for displaying beloved cookbooks that you don’t want to hide. If you have extra space, you can add some plants or dishes to add some variety.

13. Keep Them On Top of Cabinets

Often, the overlooked space can be the best way to solve our problems, especially when it comes to storage. If you have open space on top of your cabinet, why not use it to display your cookbook collection? This can be especially useful if you have a variety of books that you just can’t find room for in a small kitchen.

14. Arrange Your Cookbooks by Color 

As other ideas have demonstrated, adding color to your cookbook can make the display more eye-catching. Whether you stack them horizontally or vertically on the shelf, try to create a wonderful rainbow of recipes that will undoubtedly stand out.

15. Install Small Cubbies Made for Cookbooks

If you’re a big fan of your cookbook collection, it only makes sense to create a special place for them. Small cubby-style cabinets, like the one shown here, have enough room to display a cookbook collection without taking up too much room elsewhere.

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